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Shopping in Surat

Gujarat is one of the most commercial states in the country. And when you are in Surat, the hub of trade ever since the Mughal era, you will be spellbound by the luxurious silk, brocade and diamond jewelry the place is famous for. Shopping should get the priority nod in your things-to-do list in Surat. The city in fact is a shopper’s paradise in the true sense of the word, be it fabric, diamond jewelry, silverware, artifacts in wood and ivory and so many other goodies for your family and friends. During the festivals and wedding season, the city becomes an extravagant shopping carnival.

Shopping in Surat

If jewelry and artifacts is not your pick, head straight to the textile bazaar in Surat. Although street shopping has a great amount of surprises to offer you with the best prices possible, State emporium on the other hand gives a glimpse of all that the regional crafts and artisans have to present. The shopper’s paradise has a plethora of options to splurge on given the huge collections numerous gold souks, jewelry shops, and textile markets offer for sale. Most of the malls in Surat are located at Dumas Road.
Before we move on, here is something:

Shoppers Pick in Surat

The Mughal Era saw Surat blooming with its fine silk and spice trade. Yes, Surat since centuries has been the textile hub in India. And now Surat has got another feather in its metaphorical cap- that is the blooming diamond cutting industry. Enthralling range of wood, ivory and silver crafts, Surat has it all to grace your shopping bags when you visit the place. Most of the malls in Surat are located at Dumas Road, but street shopping has its own charm with an endless supply of Gujrati snacks that you will want to flatter your taste buds at the sight of every stall or vendor!

Tips for Street Shopping in Surat

The city is full of goodies you can take back home and boast of its fine workmanship and artistic value. The good thing is that you do not necessarily have to be bothered about the price. Surat is a place known for amazing deals. You can get things here at incredibly low prices. All you need is go equipped with a little bit of bargaining skill and lo! your bags are full of exquisite pieces you will love to carry back.
So, do make sure you carry extra bags to accommodate your shopping experience.

Jewelry Market in Surat

Surat, Gujarat is world famous for its diamond cutting and polishing industry. The Streets of the city are sprawled with a string of jewelry shops and gold souks. The glitter and sparkle of the shops will not leave you pass by without a notice!
Where to go for shopping?
The best places to purchase gold and diamond jewels in Surat are- Hira Panna Shopping Mall near Maheshwari Bhavan, Hardeep Jewellers at Rander Road Diam Jewels, Charu Jewels, Ratnasagar Jewellers and The Adorn Shop at Ghoddod Road.

Handloom in Surat

Be it kimkhab or tanchoi, gajri or patola, silk saris and amazing bandhej work, exquisite embroidery or batik prints, traditional finery to latest trends, Surat is famous for all. The textile bazaar offers you handmade zari, salma, and kinari work on a variety of fabric at reasonable prices. The wholesale textile market offers you amazing handloom at incredibly low prices that you would tire of grabbing.
Where to go for shopping?

Ghoddod Road and Ring Road are the best places to shop for clothes in Surat. Chauta Bazaar is another place that draws shoppers.

Shopping for Handicrafts in Surat

Street shopping is going to offer you a dazzling variety of crafts and items you would love to go back packing. The skilled artists make Hindu idols of god and goddesses, jewelry boxes in myriads of shapes and sizes, lamps, coffee tables, and side tables by carving intricate designs in wood which make an excellent souvenir. But you swipe around for a look and you will find amazing pieces in ivory too. If you don’t want to splurge big bucks on silver, you can also find items made in tin also. Objects of utility and d’arte including sadeli and marquetry work are a specialty of Surat.
Where to go for shopping?
You can find such pieces while shopping on the streets or simply surf these places. To strike exclusive deal on crafts and artifacts, State Emporium is the best go-to! There are many state run emporiums which offer low prices on regional crafts.

Shopping for Silver in Surat

Go down the street catching the noise and you will find silversmith selling their jewelry and other items at incredibly attractive prices. The pristine shimmer of silverware in exclusive shapes and sizes to decorate the lost corner of your abode will definitely make it an interesting conversation starter. Silver jewelry, junk trinkets and other silver items are a favorite pick of the domestic and international visitors.
Where to go for shopping?
Gangaur Jewelers and Shilpa Jewelers are among the best silver shops in Surat.

To the Shoppers!

Shopping in Surat offers you value for your money. Everything related to textile is produced and manufactured in Gujarat. Availability of local artisans and workers is another reason and therefore the prices are low as compared to anywhere in India.

A Note for Husbands: Be sure to have your pockets dug deep when you come visiting Surat. This shopper’s paradise indeed has the potentials to lure your beloved into emptying your cash stacks and credit cards too!

Another Note for the Ladies: If you are not yet married, a visit to the city will make your heart swell with a desire to find reasons to organize a great event to use the goodies Surat offers.

From trinkets to trousseau, Surat is a haven for you shopping spree. Do visit Surat and explore the market! It has something for everyone in your family and for your friends.

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